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The Taco and Fajita Seasonings are sugar free. All other seasoning blends contain less than one gram of sugar per serving. Currently, our Salsa, Chili and Pasta Sauces do contain sugar, but sugar-free options may be available in the future. If you are interested in purchasing sugar free options, please contact us to send us your feedback. The more demand we see the faster it will happen.

  1. Salsa, Chili, Pasta Sauce – These products are shelf-stable for several years as long as they remain un-opened!  Once opened, they should last for a month or so in the fridge, although viability will be determined by how clean you keep the product (introduction of foreign contaminants will reduce the length of time products remain safe to consume). It is not necessary to refrigerate the products before opening, but placing the un-opened bags in the freezer will extend the life of the product.
  2. Dressings – Please reference the Best By date on the bottle.  Once opened and refrigerated, your product will last at least until the printed Best By date, and potentially longer.  Introduction of foreign contaminants, however, will reduce the length of time products remain safe to consume.
  3. Seasonings – We do not include Best By dates for seasonings.  All seasoning blends should remain safe for consumption for several years, although the sooner you use them, the more flavorful they will be.

No. Owner & Founder of Bootleg Products, Mike Westrum, crafted the original recipe for his salsa with home-grown ingredients from his backyard garden. Once he began commercially selling his products, however, the option of growing his own ingredients was no longer a feasible option to keep up with the volume of product salesAdditionally, to commercially produce food in the US, all fresh ingredients must be tracked from planting through harvestThere are inspections/approvals/costs that come with that process.  At this time, as a small family-owned and operated business, Bootleg does not have the time or resources to fund a large FDA-approved farm.  Instead, we source our ingredients from high-quality, approved locations around the Midwest. We invite you to read more about the Bootleg Products ORIGIN STORY. 

No. Our focus currently is on sourcing quality, fresh ingredients while still making our products available at an affordable priceWe have not yet experienced enough demand from our customer base to provide Organic/Non-GMO versions of our products, but if you would like to SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK, we will consider expanding our product line to include Organic/Non-GMO in the future. 

YES. Our chili is a base to which you will add 1/2lb (for a soupier chili) – 1lb (a meatier chili) of your preferred ground meatIt can be ready in just 15min! Simply brown your ground meat, drain, add the Bootleg Chili, heat and enjoy! 

Orders & Shipping

  1. If you are using a coupon code that requires a minimum purchase, you must first have that dollar amount in your cart before you will be able to apply it.  If you are having other coupon code related issue, please CONTACT US 
  2. Currently, the only active coupon/promo code is code BOOTLEG, which all customers can use to receive a free product with their order. 

Please always use a residential or commercial address, if possibleWe offer discounted shipping to all customersWhen a P.O. Box is used, and the box is re-routed to a physical address, there is a substantial cost that Bootleg Products gets charged.  For further questions, please CONTACT US 

No. Currently we only offer domestic shipping within the United StatesYou will need a US credit card & billing address to submit an order. 

Yes! Our products are currently available in 350+ stores across Iowa, Minneapolis and Omaha. We can be found primarily in Hy-Vee and Fareway locations, but proudly distribute to an array of independent, community-based stores as well. Can’t find us locally? Shop our full range of products online for convenient delivery straight to your doorstep. SHOP ONLINE 

Sorry, we do not have this capability on our website at this time, but it is something we may be working on in the future. For the time being, we have many repeat customers who place orders of their favorite products as gifts and ship directly to their gift recipient! Let us know in the Order Notes box at checkout that it’s a gift, and we’ll be sure to exclude prices and totals from the packing slip.  


Our website automatically tracks the source of incoming web traffic. Each Affiliate advertiser has their own unique referral link that will automatically credit them with any purchases made by visitors to our website who use their linkThere is no need to use any codes or include notes or referral details at checkout. You can type the link into your browser, or click the link in their posts, bios or show descriptions. Either way, as long as you visit our website by using the unique link provided by the Affiliate you wish to support, they will get the credit!