Bootleg Products is Iowa born and bred! You can find your favorite Bootleg products at 350+ grocery stores across Iowa, Minneapolis, and Omaha. We can be found primarily in Hy-Vee and Fareway locations, but proudly distribute to an array of independent, community-based stores as well. Can’t find us locally? Click “Shop Online” above for access to our full range of products, all available for convenient delivery straight to your


In-Store Products -
Bootleg Salsa Mild - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Medium - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Medium Habanero - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Hot Habanero - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Hot Ghost - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Four Pepper Death Punch - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Mild Peach - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Medium Pineapple - 16oz
Bootleg Salsa Mango Habanero - 16oz


Papa Rico's Marinara Mild - 24oz
Papa Rico's Marinara Medium - 24oz
Papa Rico's Marinara Hot - 24oz
Papa Rico's Marinara Extra Hot - 24oz
Northern Lights Garlic Butter - 12oz


Bootleg Chili Mild - 24oz
Bootleg Chili Medium - 24oz
Bootleg Chili Hot - 24oz


Bootleg Homestead Ranch - 16oz
Papa Rico's Zesty Italian - 12oz


Bootleg Taco Seasoning Mild - 3.95oz
Bootleg Fajita Seasoning Mild - 3.35oz
Bootleg Andy's Backwoods Blend Seasoning - 4oz
MR RUB 1776 Founders Blend - 4.45oz
MR RUB Iowa's Flavor Enhancer - 6oz
MR RUB Original Butt Rub - 5.5oz
MR RUB Buck Rub - 5oz

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