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Introducing our hottest salsa, aptly named Four Pepper Death Punch! This fiery masterpiece was created for the bravest of hot salsa enthusiasts. Featuring a quartet of the world’s hottest peppers – the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, and Seven Pot Chili – the heat builds with every bite, making it the ultimate challenge for those who seek to test their limits and venture into the realm of extreme spiciness. Our Four Pepper Death Punch Salsa is a tribute to one’s passion for heat. Whether you’re using it as a daring dip for tortilla chips or to add an incendiary kick to your favorite dishes, this salsa will leave an indelible mark on your palate. As with all Bootleg Products, you can rest assured that our salsas are made with only natural ingredients, and never contain artificial flavorings, preservatives, Gluten or MSG.

Mike’s Fun Fact: “Just like we do with the Hot Ghost Salsa, we use pepper powders with this Four Pepper Death Punch Salsa. Extreme-heat peppers like the 4 varieties used in this recipe need to be used in just the right way in order to get the right balance of heat vs flavor. If we used fresh peppers, the compounding effects of the heat would quickly overpower the flavors of the peppers, but by opting to use powders, we can bring more flavor to the party! For those that love heat though, this salsa still has 4 times the heat than the Hot Ghost Salsa. It will keep getting hotter the more you eat, but the balanced flavors of each ingredient will continue to shine through.”

WHY BAGS?  Online shoppers will notice something unusual about some of our product packaging – the Salsas, Chili, and Pasta Sauce will ship in BPA-free BAGS. That’s right, BAGS…and here’s why:

  1. You, our valued customer, get more bang for your buck! Our 24oz. bags contain DOUBLE the contents of most jarred products!
  2. Glass jars are heavy and take up significantly more box space, which drives up costs for shipping and packaging. They are also vulnerable to breakage due to carrier mishandling during transit. By switching to bags for online orders, we can fit more products into smaller, lighter boxes, reducing shipping and packaging costs and virtually eliminating the risk of you opening your box to find an unfortunate mess!
  3. More environmentally-friendly. Our bags take up far less landfill space than glass jars, which are often not recycled.

With the rising costs of goods, we are excited to have found an innovative solution to keep our products affordable and convenient for our customers. Simply cut off the corner of the bag, and pour the contents directly into the pot! Not going to use all 24oz. at once? Just pour the leftovers into a resealable container. All bagged products have a long, multi-year shelf life. We recommend keeping the bags sealed until you are ready to enjoy.

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    Tried it about 10 minutes ago and my taste buds are still tingling! They said “Ow daddy give me more!”

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Bootleg - Salsa Four Pepper Death Punch - 24oz


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